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  • Study evaluated the efficacy and safety of zol dosed at 4 mg every 6 mos for mgus pts with significant bone loss. Eligible pts showed osteopenia/osteoporosis (t-score worse than -1) as verified by a dexa scan and met criteria for mgus. Pts with prior use of oral bisphosphonates (bis) or fluorides for more than 3 mos within the last 2 yrs or prior use of intravenous (iv) bis within the last 2 yrs were excluded. cheap viagra uk delivery Zol 4 mg was administered iv over 15 minutes at 0, 6, and 12 mos. pumpkin seeds natural viagra To assess the efficacy of zol therapy, dexa scans and skeletal surveys were conducted at screening and 1 mo after the final zol infusion (13 mos). Results: fifty-four pts were enrolled with an average age of 68 (range, 50-91). viagra for sale in canada The baseline l-spine t-scores ranged from -3. viagra overdose video 97 to -1. do need prescription buy viagra online 10 (mean = -2. 21). At the final timepoint (13 mo), t-scores improved by an absolute value of +0. 58 (range, -0. 40 to +3. buy viagra online 90 p = 0. 0021) corresponding to a mean increase of 26% (range, -19% to 134%). buy cheap viagra pills online Baseline t-scores in the hip ranged from -2. generic viagra india 95 to -1. 00 (mean = -1. 89). T-scores rose by +0. cheap viagra without prescription usa 26 (range, -0. 60 to +2. buy viagra on line 00 p = 0. viagra 10 mg controindicazioni 0020) which corresponds to +14% (range, -55% to +163%). Generic viagra made in usa No patient developed a new fracture. Women's viagra One patient developed chronic lymphocytic leukemia but no other patient showed progression to myeloma or another related b-cell disorder. No patient developed osteonecrosis of the jaw or a significant adverse renal event. pumpkin seeds natural viagra Conclusions: this trial suggests that zol administered at 4 mg every 6 mos significantly improves bone mineral density in mgus pts with bone loss (osteopenia/osteoporosis); and, thus, suggests that this is a safe and effective treatment to prevent the development of new fractures in this high risk population.   associated presentation(s):      1. Marked improvement in bone mineral density (bmd) for patients (pts) with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (mgus) using zoledronic acid (zol). discount pharmacy viagra Meeting: 2008 asco annual meeting presenter: james r. Berenson session: lymphoma and plasma cell disorders (poster discussion session)   other abstracts in this sub-category:      1. Association of translocation t(11;14) with survival in patients with light chain (al) amyloidosis. Meeting: 2008 asco annual meeting   abstract no: 8549   first author: a. H. generic viagra reviews Bryce category: lymphoma and plasma cell disorders - plasma cell disorders      2. Utility of decreased fdg suv as a response and prognostic indicator in multiple myeloma therapy with bird. viagra pfizer 100mg apotheke Meeting: 2008 asco annual meeting   abstract no: 8607. viagra online Faire une demande
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