Skip to main content allina health about us careers for medical professionals give / volunteer en español employee sign in navigation locations doctors & providers health, conditions & treatments medical services customer service family health manager mychart you are here: health, conditions & treatments > health topics       en español  restrictive cardiomyopathy general information: what is restrictive cardiomyopathy? viagra price on prescription Restrictive cardiomyopathy (rcm) is a disease of your heart muscle. Your heart has four chambers (rooms) including two upper atria, and two lower ventricles. generic viagra canada The chamber walls are muscle tissue that beat (tighten and relax) constantly. Your atria pump blood into your ventricles. Your right ventricle pumps blood to your lungs to get oxygen. Your left ventricle pumps the oxygen-filled blood to your tissues and organs. cheap generic viagra With rcm, one or both ventricle walls become stiff. This makes it hard for the ventricles to fill with enough blood. When this occurs, your heart may be unable to pump enough blood and oxygen to your body. can use viagra recreationally You may feel very tired and have shortness of breath when doing your normal activities. When your heart is not able to pump properly, you are at risk for life-threatening heart failure. viagra coupon Treating your rcm may improve your ability to do activities without tiring so easily. Treatment may help make your heart beat stronger and decrease your symptoms. buy viagra without prescription Treatment may prevent your rcm from getting worse and decrease your risk for worsening heart problems. What causes restrictive cardiomyopathy? viagra head office canada Rcm is often caused by another disease but the cause may also be unknown. viagra head office canada Diseases can occur in your heart muscle only, or in another body organ that also leads to heart damage. buy viagra online australia The cause of your rcm may be a genetic disease that was passed on to you from your parents. is viagra ice cream real Your risk for rcm may be increased if you have cancer, diabetes, or if you have had radiation treatments in the past. buy viagra canada Ask your caregiver for more information about these and other diseases that may lead to rcm: infiltrative and storage diseases: infiltrative and storage diseases occur when abnormal substances collect in your heart. These substances include proteins, lumps of cells, and fat. cheap viagra The substances can cause your v. viagra head office canada
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